Category Judges

Decca Aitkenhead - Chief Interviewer, The Sunday Times

Tobyn Andreae - Deputy Editor, Daily Mail

Charles Arthur - Freelance Technology Journalist

James Ashton

Ivor Baddiel - Writer

Becky Barrow - News Editor, The Sunday Times

Helen Belcher - Director, Trans Media Watch

Shaniqua Benjamin - Writer and Founder, Young People Insight

Jim Bruce Ball - Former Sports Editor, The Daily Telegraph; Co-founder & Director, SportSide; Communications Manager, Harlequins RFC

George Chesterton - Managing Editor, GQ

Ian Collins - Presenter, LBC

Nish Dewan - Founder, CollaboratEQ

Solomon Elliott - Founder, The Student View

Dami Fajobi - Head of Client Services, Slenky

Alice Feinstein - Editor, Woman's Hour

Claire Fox - Director, Academy of Ideas

Ann Francke - CEO, Chartered Management Institute

Emma Gilpin Jacobs - Senior Director, The Pew Trusts

Jodie Ginsberg - CEO, Index on Censorship

David Goodhart - Head of Integration Hub & Demography Unit, Policy Exchange

Will Gore - Executive Editor, The Independent

Jenny Grey - Head of EMEA Human Resources, Citigroup

Mayur Gupta - Founder, Career Accelerator

Patricia Hamzahee - Founder, Integriti Capital

Stephen Hargrave - Chairman of Trustees, Reform

Dr. Margaret Heffernan - Entrepreneur, CEO & Writer

Dylan Jones - Editor, GQ

Joy Lo Dico - Editor, Londoner's Diary

Amanda Mackenzie - Chief Executive, BITC, The Prince’s Responsible Business Network

Polly Mackenzie - Director, Demos

John Mair - Editor and Writer

Brooke Masters - Comment & Analysis Editor, Financial Times

Simon Minty - Comedy producer, BBC Ouch presenter and disability consultant

Nick Owens - Head of News, Sunday Mirror

Kate Pakenham - Producer

Matt Peacock - Group Director of Corporate Affairs, Vodafone

Max Pemberton - Doctor and Columnist, Daily Mail and Reader’s Digest

Robert Peston - Political Editor, ITV

Judy Piatkus - Founder, ConciousCafe

Jennie Price - Chief Executive, Sport England

Corinna Rafferty - Global Corporate Affairs, Fidelity International

James Rawlings - Perrier Award winning comedian and writer, founder of Hoot Comedy; creative director and founder of new comedy content company, Gaggle

Liz Rideal - Professor of Fine Art at The Slade School of Fine Art, University College London

Clare Ryan - Head of Media Relations, Wellcome Trust

Alex de Ruyter - Professor and Director of Centre for Brexit Studies

Dr. Maggie Semple - Maggie Semple Ltd.

Hetan Shah - CEO, Royal Statistical Society

Pippa Shirley - Head of Collections and Gardens, Waddesdon Manor

Hana Sutch - Co-Founder, Go Jauntly

Ed Vaizey - MP for Didcot & Wantage

Binita Walia - Artist & Arts Marketing Consultant, The Space inBetween

Doug Wills - Managing Editor, Evening Standard

Emily Wilson - Editor, New Scientist

Robert Yates - Assistant Editor, The Observer

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