Previous Winners 2009 – 2017

Arts, Culture and Entertainment Commentator of The Year

2017: Rachel Cooke, The Observer

2016: Rachel Cooke, The Observer

2015: Hugo Rifkind, The Times

Blogger of the Year

2010: Nick Robinson, BBC

Blog Site of the Year

2010: Comment is Free, The Guardian & The Observer

Business Commentator of the Year

2017: John Gapper, Financial Times

2016: Andrew Hill, Financial Times

2015: Gillian Tett, Financial Times

2014: John Gapper, Financial Times

2013: Allister Heath, City AM

2012: Michael Skapinker, Financial Times

2011: John Gapper, Financial Times

Business Ethics Commentator of the Year

2015: Michael Skapinker, Financial Times

2014: Will Hutton, The Observer

Columnist of the Year

2017: Lucy Kellaway, Financial Times

2016: Sam Leith, Evening Standard

2015: Simon Jenkins, The Guardian

2014: Dominic Lawson, Daily Mail, The Sunday Times

2013: Allison Pearson, The Daily Telegraph

2012: Janet Street-Porter, The Independent on Sunday

2011: Hugo Rifkind, The Times

Commentariat of the Year

2017: Marina Hyde, The Guardian

2016: Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian

2015: Janan Ganesh, Financial Times

2014: David Aaronovitch, The Times

2013: Caitlin Moran, The Times

2012: David Aaronovitch, The Times

2011: Matthew d’Ancona, The Sunday Telegraph & London Evening Standard

2010: Simon Jenkins, The Guardian & London Evening Standard

2009: Martin Wolf, Financial Times

Comment Pages of the Year

2017: Financial Times

2016: Financial Times

2015: Financial Times

2014: The Times

2013: The Times

2012: The Times

2011: Financial Times

2010: The Times

2009: The Times

Comment Piece of the Year

2017: Riz Ahmed, The Guardian

2016: Gary Younge, The Guardian

2015: David Aaronovitch, The Times

Contrarian of the Year

2016: Nabila Ramdani, Independent on Sunday

Cultural Commentator of the Year

2014: Clive James, Prospect Magazine

2013: Caitlin Moran, The Times

2012: Christopher Hitchens, Vanity Fair

2011: Simon Kuper, Financial Times

2010: Mark Lawson, The Guardian

2009: Johann Hari, The independent

Diary Page of the Year

2010: Londoner’s Diary, London Evening Standard

2009: Londoner’s Diary, London Evening Standard (Diary Comment Page)

Environment Commentator of the Year

2010: Johann Hari, The Independent

2009: Camilla Cavendish, The Times (Best Environment Comment)

Economics Commentator of the Year

2017: Sarah O’Connor, Financial Times

2016: Ed Conway, The Times

2015: Allister Heath, The Daily Telegraph

2014: Tim Harford, Financial Times

2013: David Smith, The Sunday Times

2012: Roger Bootle, The Daily Telegraph

2011: Irwin Stelzer, The Sunday Times

2010: Anatole Kaletsky, The Times (Financial Commentator)

2009: Alex Brummer, Daily Mail (Financial Commentator)

Fashion Commentator of the Year

2014: Alexander Fury, The Independent

Food Commentator of the Year

2014: A.A. Gill, The Sunday Times

Foreign Commentator of the Year

2017: Gillian Tett, Financial Times

2016: Roula Khalaf, Financial Times

2015: Gary Younge, The Guardian

2014: Andrew Sullivan, The Sunday Times

2013: Patrick Cockburn, The Independent and The Independent on Sunday

2012: Marie Colvin, The Sunday Times

2011: David Pilling, Financial Times

2010: Gideon Rachman, Financial Times

Independent Blogger of the Year

2017: Secret Barrister and Liz Gerard, SubScribe

2016: The Secret Barrister

2015: Matthew Scott, Barrister Blogger

2014: Robin Lustig, Lustig’s Letter

2013: Steven Toft (AKA Flip Chart Rick),Flip Chart Fairy Tales

2012: Mic Wright,

2011: Sunny Hundal, &

2009: Iain Dale, Iain Dale’s Diary (Online Commentator – Independent Blogger)

Magazine Commentator of the Year

2010: Christopher Hitchens, Vanity Fair

2009: Peter Preston, The Guardian & The Observer

Mainstream Media Blogger of the Year

2013: David Allen Green, New Statesman

2012: Andrew Sparrow, The Guardian

2011: Robert Peston, BBC

Media Commentator of the Year

2015: Sathnam Sanghera, The Times

2014: Liz Gerard, Sub-Scribe

2013: Michael Wolff, GQ

2012: Hugo Rifkind, The Times

2011: Peter Wilby, New Statesman

2010: Jeff Jarvis, The Guardian

Media, Technology and Digital Commentator of the Year

2017: John Thornhill, Financial Times

2016: Liz Gerard, SubScribe

2015: Cory Doctorow, The Guardian

Online Comment Site of the Year

2017: Independent Voices

2016: gal-dem

2015: Channel 4 News

2014: Mumsnet

2013: The Staggers, New Statesman

2012: Coffee House, The Spectator

2011: Mumsnet

Online Newspaper Blog of the Year

2009: FT Alphaville, Financial Times

Poison Pen: Polemicist of the Year

2009: Richard Littlejohn, Daily Mail

Political Commentator of the Year

2017: Marina Hyde, The Guardian

2016: Dan Hodges, The Mail on Sunday

2015: Janan Ganesh, Financial Times

2014: Rafael Behr, The Guardian

2013: Daniel Finkelstein, The Times

2012: Tim Montgomerie, The Times

2011: Daniel Finkelstein, The Times

2010: Daniel Finkelstein, The Times

2009: Fraser Nelson, The Spectator & News of the World

Sketch Commentator of the Year

2012: Ann Treneman, The Times

2011: Ann Treneman, The Times

2010: Quentin Letts, Daily Mail (Westminster Villager aka Political Sketch)

Science Commentator of the Year

2017: Philip Ball, writing for Prospect Magazine

2016: Natasha Loder, The Economist

2015: Philip Ball, Prospect Magazine

2014: Ben Goldacre, The Guardian

2013: Anjana Ahuja, Freelance writer

Society and Diversity Commentator of the Year

2017: Nesrine Malik, writing for The Guardian

2016: Kenan Malik, The Observer

2015: Jenni Russell, The Times

Sports Commentator of the Year

2017: Oliver Holt, Mail on Sunday

2016: Matthew Syed, The Times

2014: Martin Samuel, Daily Mail

2013: Matthew Syed, The Times

2012: Simon Barnes, The Times (Sports and Olympics Commentator)

2011: Mike Atherton, The Times

Twitter Commentator of the Year

2011: David Aaronovitch, @DAaronovitch

Twitter Public Personality of the Year

2013: Caitlin Moran, @caitlinmoran

2012: Laurie Penny, @PennyRed

Twitter Politician of the Year

2012: Tom Watson MP, @tom_watson

Young Commentariat of the Year

2017: Hannah Jane Parkinson, The Guardian

2016: Hannah Jane Parkinson, The Guardian

2015: Bintu Sannoh, The Observer

Chair’s Choice

2017: The Economist

2016: Libby Purves, MailOnline and The Times

2015: Andrew Rawnsley, The Observer

2014: Melanie Reid, The Times

2013: Caitlin Moran, The Times

2012: AA Gill, The Sunday Times

2011: London Evening Standard

2010: Simon Kelner, The Independent

2009: Matthew Parris, The Times

eiDigest Special Award

2015: The Sun Says, The Sun

eiDigest Women’s Voice

2016: Janice Turner, The Times


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